Alternate View of Arnold

27 Aug

The Jefferson Countian is a publication of Missouri Lawyers Media. It is oriented at lawyers, and contains information on courts, lawsuits, bankruptices, etc. It also includes about four pages worth of articles on local news each week. Only headlines can be read on the paper’s website without a subscription, and not every headline is on there. To subscribe would cost you $48. But you can read this publication at your local branch of the JeffCo Library.

The few articles this paper contains can be quite insightful. Take the front-page story in the August 23 edition. The headline blares: “Concerns raised about police chief fitness for duty.” The article discusses the very legitimate concerns raised by residents about Arnold Police Chief Bob Shockey and the claims he made in his lawsuit against the city, councilman Ken Moss, and former councilwoman Doris Borgelt.

In the suit, he claimed that the “harassment” he suffered from the council members has caused him “extreme pain and suffering, emotional distress, depression, and loss of peace of mind.” During the public comments portion of the meeting, two residents wondered if a person with these issues should be carrying a gun and if he should be placed on medical leave.

Leader readers who happen upon this article are sure to do a double take. They have been given no reason by the regime’s house organ to think Shockey’s suit is anything but legitimate and warranted. They have no idea these concerns might exist.

It is good that we have at least one alternate news source here. The Post-Dispatch does OK, but only casts its eye on Arnold on occasion. The Arnold Patch, which was once willing to do some leg work to provide new insights into Arnold City Hall, seems to have lost that, since it has changed editors a couple of times. This may have something to do with the corporate troubles that Patch has had under its AOL ownership.


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