JeffCo Education and Income Data

9 Sep

I thought it would be interesting to break down some of the demographic data on the various cities and towns in our fair county. Using the US Census Department’s American Factfinder website, which uses data from the 2010 census as well as 2007-2011 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, I pulled out education and income data for each zip code in our county (zip code map here). Specifically, I looked at percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher and household median income. Note that the listing for Murphy, with the 63026 area code, also includes Fenton, which is partially in St. Louis County (see the zip code map link above). Note also that I included Clayton and St. Louis in the table for purposes of comparison. The table is sorted by descending household income. Click to enlarge.

JeffCo Education and Income Information

JeffCo Education and Income Information

I expected to see this table more or less go from north to south Jefferson County for both categories, with the northern cities being richer and more educated. This turned out to be largely true, but not perfectly. I was rather surprised to see Barnhart at the top of the list for income at over $73,000 per household. There’s not a whole lot in the town in terms of businesses that would employ a lot of people or provide high incomes to many, but I guess people who live in any of these cities don’t necessarily work there (especially those cities closer to St. Louis). On the other end, I was surprised to see Pevely at the bottom of the list with about $40,000 income per household. Pevely has several industrial/manufacturing companies (Dow, Verallia, Midwest Refractories) that one would expect to provide good middle-class jobs. But again, maybe their employees live out-of-town. Despite being worst in the county, Pevelians still out-earn residents of St. Louis.

Education was somewhat correlated with income, but again not perfectly. Murphy led the way here with a whopping 32% of residents with college degrees, to go with its #2 spot in income. Dittmer brought up the rear with 8%. Crystal City was pretty far down the income list despite its robust 19.3% rate of bachelor’s degrees, third in the county. Everyone else was in the 11-20% range.

I hope to do some more with local census data. Perhaps I will look at employment data and divorce rates in my next installment.

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