JeffCo Races Are On

11 Sep

Although the heat of summer 2013 still lingers in the air, the 2014 election is already shaping up. The latest entrant is 24-year-old Sean Fauss, JeffCo Democratic committeeman and substitute teacher (!) who will run for the 113th district state House seat. On the GOP side, Bob Boyer has announced for this position, which is being vacated by Democrat Jeff Roorda.

Skipping ahead to 2016, longtime Sheriff Oliver “Glenn” Boyer has announced that he will retire at the end of his term, by which time he will have been in office for 24 years. His predecessor, Walter “Buck” Buerger, served for 28 years, so whoever wins in 2016 could be around for awhile. If Boyer has anything to say about it, his undersheriff, Steve Meinberg, will succeed him. Meinberg, who has been Boyer’s #2 for the latter’s entire time as sheriff, says he will run. I suspect Boyer announced early to give Meinberg plenty of time to build up support for his campaign.

Back to 2014, let’s recap who has announced plans to run in various local races. Let me know if I missed anyone.

House Dist. 114 (incumbent T.J. McKenna, Dem)

Becky Ruth, GOP

House Dist. 113 (incumbent Jeff Roorda, Dem)

Bob Boyer, GOP

Sean Fauss, Dem

House Dist. 112 (incumbent Paul Wieland, GOP)

Charles Groeteke, GOP

Rob Vescovo, GOP

House Dist. 111 (incumbent Michael Frame, Dem)

Jason Jarvis, GOP

Senate Dist. 22 (incumbent Ryan McKenna, Dem)

Jeff Roorda, Dem

Paul Wieland, GOP

Jefferson County Executive

Ken Waller, GOP (incumbent)

Jefferson County Council Dist. 3 (incumbent Bob Boyer, GOP)

Charles Huey, Dem (LOL)

Jefferson County Clerk

Wes Wagner, Dem (incumbent)

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