Today’s Happenings at the Veto Session

11 Sep

Updated below

It was a busy busy veto override session today at the Missouri Capitol, with lots of action that is relevant to Jefferson County voters. Here’s a recap (they were still in session as I write this, so updates will be provided as needed):

– Override of the veto of HB 253, the tax cut bill, failed in the state House. Two legislators who were closely watched on this vote were Elaine Gannon (115th, GOP) and Jeff Roorda (113th, Democrat). Gannon repeated her no vote from the first time around, again bucking her party. Roorda, who voted yes last time, flipped to a no vote. This fell well short of the necessary votes to override. Governor Nixon said after the vote that he will quickly release money he had withheld from the budget because of this bill. This money includes a $420,000 allocation for a JeffCo port.

– The veto of HB 436, the gun bill, was overridden by the House but failed in the Senate. TJ McKenna (114th, Dem), who was much maligned by the left for voting for this bill, even though he says he knew it was unconstitutional, admittedly to protect his job,  switched to no. Jeff Roorda, who voted for the bill the first time around, made a notable display of spinelessness by voting ‘present’ today. In the Senate, Ryan McKenna (22nd, Dem), who was absent for the first vote, voted no.

– The veto of Paul Wieland’s (112th, GOP) HB 339 was overridden in both chambers. This bill will require uninsured drivers to waive the ability to have a cause of action or otherwise collect for non-economic loss against an insured motorist alleged to be at fault for an accident.”

– SB 29 (paycheck protection) failed in the Senate by 2 votes 1 vote. Gary Romine (3rd, GOP) was absent from the vote (he voted yes the first time around).

– The veto of HB 650, the Doe Run liability cap bill, was overridden by both chambers.


– Six representatives switched to no votes on SB 267 – the bill banning Missouri from enforcing foreign laws. Jason Smith’s vote was also lost, since he’s now in Congress. Six people who were absent the first time voted yes; this all left the override attempt one vote short. One of the switchers was Ben Harris (118th, Dem).

– Here is how Roorda explained his ‘present’ vote on the gun bill to a constituent:

There are a lot of great legal minds (liberal and conservative, alike) that agree that this bill has some significant constitutional problems.  Because of that, I voted present which is not a no vote but it also doesn’t count towards the 109 votes needed to override the veto.  I wasn’t going to vote against a bill that is meant to defend Second Amendment rights, but I think we should come back next year and get the bill right so that it does just that.

– Gannon and the other 14 House Republicans who voted no on the tax cut (the “Flimsy 15“) are facing a big backlash from the right.


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