Pat Martin Editorial – Selective Use of Evidence

28 Sep

Leader editorial page editor and frequent columnist Pat Martin wrote this week about the independent streak of local legislators, listing examples of how several of them voted against their parties in the veto session. But he overlooked several examples that poke big holes in his thesis and show local legislators yielding to party pressure.

First, on HB253, the tax cut bill, he failed to mention that Democratic representative Jeff Roorda (113th) voted for the tax cut during the regular legislative session, only to flip-flop and oppose it during the veto session. Like the two other House Democrats that voted for it before they voted against it, Roorda appears to have given in to pressure from his party and his governor to change his vote. Senator Ryan McKenna (D, 22nd) also switched from ‘yes’ to ‘no.’

Next, on HB436, the gun bill, Democrat TJ McKenna (114th) voted for the bill the first time around, and then was subject to a great deal of complaining from the left. In the veto session, he lined up with his party and voted ‘no’. Also on the gun bill, as Martin mentioned, Roorda switched from ‘yes’ to ‘present.’ Martin, however, portrays this vote as a reasonable decision, not the rubber-kneed cop-out that it was.

Finally, on SB267, the foreign laws (aka Sharia) bill, Ben Harris (D, 118th) changed his vote from the regular session to  a ‘no’ to get in line with the Democrats.

So I submit to you that, while some local legislators did buck their party at the veto session, others reversed themselves and fell right in with the party line. In some cases, the same people did both of these, depending on the bill.

In addition, as a correction to Martin, Senator Gary Romine (R, 3rd) did not vote against the override of the paycheck protection veto. He actually missed the vote (on purpose, I assume).


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  1. kmne68 March 9, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

    Patrick Martin is still trying to pretend to be unbiased and non-partisan. In reality he is just another democrat shill.


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