JeffCo GOP Committee Update

4 Oct

There was another skirmish in the ongoing liberty vs. establishment battle at the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee meeting two weeks ago. A vote was held to select a new vice chairman. Liberty-minded Mark Paul lost the vote to new committee member (and 2012 sheriff candidate) Dan Stallman by a 12-11 vote.


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  1. Bob Hohmeier October 4, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    I’ll stop short of calling it “dirty politics”, but if the old guard hadn’t played the “stack the deck” game, Mark Paul would’ve been elected vice chair. The 2 new “appointments” were not elected by the people and therefore, not true representatives of the people, yet were instrumental in the outcome. While Mr. Stallman may turn out to be great in this position, the fact of the matter is he was not put there by the people he is now representing. It is reasonable to deduce that both he and the other new appointee voted for Mr. Stallman and the old guard wanted them appointed BEFORE the vote, rather than after.

    The bonus that can be seen from the vote is that some of the “old guard” appears to be turning towards liberty and freedom and “constitutional” government! There was really no discernible difference between the GOP and the DEMS before many got so fed up with the same old way of doing business that they got involved. We chose the Republican Party as at least their platform stood for the Constitution, even though almost no one in the party seemed to give it any thought of following it. Now we have some big names not only in Washington, but in state office of Missouri as well. It’ll be a struggle, but if we can go back to that founding document (and its intent), there is hope for this nation.


    • HC June 18, 2014 at 9:50 am #

      Mark is great! That GOP group is paranoid. I agree on the “bonus”. I am not a professed anything, but I do know there is so much in common between political “groups” that lean right, that can be beneficial for our local governance. Right on, from Heidi Ann who left FB


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