Pevely Garage Sale Scofflaws Beware

5 Oct

Recently, Pevely hired two new police officers. I questioned why this was necessary, besides for writing speeding tickets, of course. Well, it turns out they will be needed to enforce the city’s new garage sale ordinance. Here are the new rules in a nutshell:

  • A maximum of eight garage sales per resident per year.
  • A permit (which is shockingly free) is required to hold a garage sale. The permit must be displayed during the sale.
  • A garage sale may not be held for more than two days in a seven-day period.
  • Garage sale items may not be out for more than 24 hours before or after a sale.
  • Signs advertising a garage sale may not be posted on public property.

But here’s the kicker:

Anyone found guilty of violating the regulation could face fines and jail time.

That’s right, garage sale gangsters and rummage racketeers; Pevely is on to you! Watch out, or the only thing you’ll be selling is cigarettes in the prison yard.

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