Arnold Gold Buyer Shenanigans

12 Oct

This is a “lie down with dogs/get fleas” type of story.

An employee of the We Buy Gold store on Jeffco Boulevard in Arnold was among those arrested as part of a sting operation against some thieves who were stealing jewelry from Target and selling it to the gold store. Charges were filed on August 14. On July 12, the gold store was raided by police after the store employee bought the stolen merchandise. The store’s business license was subsequently revoked by the city.

Twelve days earlier, store owner Anthony Burgio filed a lawsuit against the city of Arnold, alleging harassment by then-councilwoman Doris Borgelt. This, in turn, was preceded by a February 11 demand to the city for a $75,000 settlement over this alleged harassment (this is one among several attempts by various people to acquire “settlements” from the city). Interestingly, the demand letter that Burgio attorney and 2012 GOP candidate for judge Stan Schnaare sent to Arnold, he said Burgio was “harassed as to whether he was receiving stolen electronics or drugs.” I guess Doris was wrong; the store was receiving stolen jewelry. Maybe jewelry was a purposeful omission there – “I did not accept any stolen electronics.”

Schnaare questions the timing of the police raid on the store in a Leader article:

“I find the timing (of the raid) unusual,” Schnaare said.

Also, Schnaare said he doesn’t believe the city should have suspended Burgio’s business license.

I think there’s nothing unusual about the timing; it is quite predictable. The February 11 complaint/demand by Burgio, which followed a December complaint at a council meeting, took place prior to the election in which Borgelt ran against Arnold mayor Ron Counts. As such, these complaints were useful to the regime in painting Borgelt negatively. But the lawsuit was filed after the election, when Burgio was no longer needed. And the suit was filed not against Borgelt, but against the city. It accused her of working in concert with the city. Burgio didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to go away after the election.

Burgio was not charged with a crime here. Through his lawyer, he has denied knowledge of nefarious activities. He has a point in arguing that his store should not have been shut down over a crime committed by his employee, if indeed Burgio was unawares and not turning a blind eye (maybe he should amend his lawsuit). But that’s how things work in Arnold.

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