More on the Pevely Mayor’s Phone

31 Oct

Update: The $1400 number seems to come from an assumption that the wife’s phone cost $10/month for 12 years. I think that is incorrect, as I show below. The bills I have are incomplete, but they show a $30/month basic line charge for the wife’s phone. Maybe it was $10/month at one time, but not any more.

We have learned more about the mayor of Pevely’s cell phone bill, which I mentioned here. Requests to view his bill uncovered the fact that the city has been paying for another line, in addition to the mayor’s. Well, that second line belongs to the mayor’s wife. KMOV reports that the city has been paying for her phone for 10 years, and it is estimated that this has cost the city $1,400 over that time. The article says “Pevely city officials are determining whether the money will have to be reimbursed.” Well, yeah, I should think that it will be!

Here is information from the mayor’s July bill, which I have seen. I won’t post it, for privacy reasons, but here are the charges:

July 2013 bill

Account charge: $51

Mayor’s number: $47.33

Wife’s number: $37.33

Add a few bucks for taxes, too. I don’t know for sure what prices have done over the past 10 years (they may have increased, but they may also have been the same or higher back then), but if they stayed constant, this charge over a decade would equal almost $5,000 (I don’t know how they got the $1,400 estimate). When the audit was announced, Pevely administrator Terry Thomas complained that the city would have to pay the $40,000 cost of the audit. Well, if my estimate is correct, this “oversight” will pay for 1/8th of the audit, if the city does indeed make Knobloch pay. And I am confident that more savings will be found.

As for the mayor, he will have to answer for this. We’ll see what he says.


4 Responses to “More on the Pevely Mayor’s Phone”

  1. Vickey Saal October 31, 2013 at 9:33 am #

    Maybe they will pay for my cellphone bill too…


  2. Marcia Johnson October 31, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    What I find amusing is that the mayor acts like he didn’t know that it wasn’t allowed and that it was a “procedural error”. Why would he ever think that the city intended to pay for his wife’s cell phone? The minutes that he referred to in the KMOV clip clearly states that the city agreed to pay for “Mayor John Knobloch’s phone”. Not mayor plus his wife. The fact that he never turned in a detailed bill until earlier this month leads me to believe that he knew he wasn’t supposed to be charging her phone to the city. This level of ignorance is reason enough that he needs to step down. Pevely needs a mayor who isn’t a total moron.


  3. jealous December 18, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    You mean you would not do the same if the board voted an allowed you to. Look how many years and Pay bills that were approved by the aldermen to pay this. Even Menkus and Markus approved to pay the bill.


    • JC Penknife December 18, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

      I would not because I have a sense of ethics.


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