Red Light Cameras – Your Move, Arnold

8 Nov

On Wednesday, the Eastern District of the Missouri Court of Appeals struck down Ellisville’s red light camera (RLC) ordinance.

The plaintiffs argued the Ellisville ordinance violated state law because the owner of the car was ticketed, not the driver. The appeals court agreed, and declared the ordinance void.

This overturns a ruling from a Creve Coeur case in 2011 (Nottebrok), in which the court said a similar ordinance was OK.

In the wake of this ruling, at least three cities in Missouri – Columbia, St. Joseph, and Kansas City – have at least temporarily stopped enforcing their red light cameras.

So what will Missouri RLC pioneer Arnold do? Arnold uses the same camera company as Ellisville, American Traffic Solutions, which is desperately trying to spin this ruling in its favor. Arnold has an RLC case of its own before the Eastern District court, which was heard in August (case number ED99034). Perhaps the court will soon rule on this, and the decision will be taken out of Arnold’s hands.

Could the day be approaching, eight years after they were installed, when Arnold’s red light cameras are finally shut down? In the end, it may be up to the state Supreme Court to decide.

Hat tip to Matt Hay for most of this info.

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