Idea for Pevely Savings

6 Dec

Correction: Arnold uses the county animal control for “overflow” animals. Arnold has a pound, the renovation of which was said to be an important issue for Randy and Nancy Crisler.

One of the money-saving ideas I have proposed for Pevely, amidst its current budget woes, is to collaborate with the county for certain services, such as animal control. Pevely has an animal control building and devotes, I believe, half of one employee to the job. The Arnold city council, at its last meeting, considered the renewal of an agreement with the county for it to provide animal control services for the city. The rates paid to the county in the agreement are as follows (see pages 13-17 here):

  • $40 for each city-captured animal picked up by the county for transfer to the county’s animal control facilities.
  • $30 for each instance of county assistance with routine animal capture
  • $40 for each instance of county assistance with chemical capture
  • $20 per day for boarding of city animals
  • $40 for each euthanization

Pevely doesn’t have any numbers posted, so I don’t know what they’re spending on animal control. One has to assume that Arnold, with four times the population of Pevely, has more animal control incidents per year. A greater number of incidents would create the critical mass necessary to make do-it-yourself animal control financially feasible. But if Arnold still thinks it makes sense to contract with the county, one would think it would make even more sense for Pevely to do so. Now, part of the issue in Arnold is the lack of a building, which Pevely does have, and that may change the calculation. But I think Arnold could find a place to keep impounded animals if it made financial sense, and I’m sure Pevely could find other uses for their building.

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