Interview Sums up the Sheriff

16 Feb

Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer has a weekly radio report Wednesday mornings on KJFF 1400 AM. Last week, the subject was the county council’s failure to pass the consent agenda, which included several grants for the sheriff’s office. Three of the five members present voted yes, but a majority of the whole council was needed, so it failed. Bob Boyer and George Engelbach voted no. Here’s a sensationalist KMOV report on the meeting, four days after the fact, with another great over-the-top intro from Sharon Reed.

Here is the audio of the sheriff’s radio appearance. I think it summarizes well how he operates. He takes high umbrage at the idea of anyone in the smallest way touching upon his empire – “micromanaging,” in his terminology. But then he proceeds to lecture county executive Ken Waller about how to do his job, to the point of ordering Waller to call in to talk to him. Ever eager to oblige, Waller did just that. Boyer informed Waller that “setting on the podium not speaking up is not getting it done.” Waller expressed his desire to do his best for the sheriff. It is a good thing Sheriff Boyer wasn’t at the meeting Monday night; there is a portrait of Thomas Jefferson above the council dais. While Jefferson was not involved in the passing of the Bill of Rights, Boyer might still consider him as one who has tried to micromanage Boyer’s Sheriff’s Department with those pesky 4th and 5th Amendments. Boyer also told us quite clearly what he thinks of the council.

Next, he refuses to acknowledge the issues people have with his department by professing ignorance that anyone has any issues, even though a number of people have spoken at council meetings about their concerns. Even more egregiously, Capt. Ralph Brown (who can be seen here defending the department’s treatment of Jason Stark), who was at the meeting (or at least sounds like he is well familiar with the proceedings), also professes ignorance. Now, this is a good strategy on their part, but it only works if nobody asks them about these touchy issues. And the KJFF interviewer here obliges, as the Leader is also happy to do.

Capt. Brown also took a shot at the council, saying he’s “not sure talking with some of them does any good.” It is one thing for a political person like the sheriff to make these comments, but for an employees of the county to get on the radio and denigrate elected officials is quite improper. It is also indicative of the attitude towards outside authority cultivated at the Justice Center. Boyer also threw out his wild conspiracies about how the council wants to eliminate not only the office of the sheriff, but also all elected executive offices in the county.

Finally, the Sheriff takes the ridiculous but predictable stance that opposing these grants means one is OK with drunk driving and domestic violence. “I guess you have the right to beat your spouse,” said Boyer. Well, if anyone knows about beating people up, it’s the sheriff’s office.

A special council meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday night to re-examine the grants and other consent agenda items. They will probably pass, since the full council will probably be there.

If you want to ask the Sheriff about these issues yourself, you may have an opportunity. His radio report airs on KJFF at 8:30 am Wednesdays, and they do take calls.


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