Setback in Shockey’s Quest for Payday

10 Mar

Arnold police chief and former acting city administrator Robert Shockey has a lawsuit pending against the city of Arnold, former councilwoman Doris Borgelt, and councilman Ken Moss. He is looking to follow Parks and Recreation director Susie Boone’s pathway to a payout with a side of extra job security, although Shockey, not having an amenable city administrator (namely, himself) in place, had to file a lawsuit.

But Shockey has received a bit of a setback in court. Two of the four counts of his lawsuit were dismissed on Wednesday, according to Casenet. The counts of the suit are as follows:

  1. Age Discrimination
  2. MHRA – Retaliation
  3. Negligent Supervision (dismissed)
  4. Negligent Training (dismissed)

This ruling appears to be a victory for the city of Arnold, as the dismissed counts were specifically against the city. The city is still a party to the first two counts, but this ruling helps the city’s case. Of course, I think it’s safe to say that the regime in Arnold wants to see Shockey get some money, since he’s one of their cronies. Also, a payout for Shockey would reflect poorly on Borgelt and Moss (conveniently during election season). And a settlement may occur. Casenet says a settlement conference is scheduled for March 18 (three weeks before election day). The threat from the city’s insurer, MIRMA, that its contribution to a payout is limited if the suit proceeds against their advice has in the past been enough to motivate an agreement.

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