Jefferson County One Family’s Destination for Disability Services

12 Mar

In his Sunday Post-Dispatch column, Bill McClellan talks about a St. Louis County family whose daughter aged out of the Special School District there, for kids with developmental disabilities, at age 21. They were unable to obtain further help for her, because:

[T]he county’s disability board, the Productive Living Board, had chosen not to participate in the Partnership for Hope program, through which the state disburses state and federal money. For every 19 cents a county puts in, the state puts in 19 cents, and the feds put in 62. So 19 cents would bring in 81 cents. All the other counties in the region participate.

So they decided to move:

In September of last year, Carla and Bruce sold their home in Oakville and moved to Jefferson County. Rita had to leave Special Schools, of course, but with the help of the Jefferson County Disability Board, she received funding for an adult day care program with Judevine. “She loves it. We’re thrilled,” Carla said.

I was not aware of the JCDB or the listed programs, so I thought this would be worth posting, especially since it has a JeffCo nexus. A search on the county assessor page reveals a number of people named Naes (like the family in this story), so perhaps they have some relatives here, too.



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  1. Anonymous March 13, 2014 at 9:25 pm #

    Thanks for this great story. Jefferson County has a lot to offer, has beautiful surroundings, and some of the best people you could meet. It is refreshing to see stories that clebrate our County.


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