Recent Legislature Action

14 Mar

Here is how your local state representative voted on two bills of note in Jefferson City this week:

  • The House passed a bill (HB 1307) extending the state’s waiting period for an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours. Rep. Michael Frame (D – 111th) voted no, while all other Jefferson County reps (Roorda, Wieland, McKenna, Harris, Gannon, McCaherty) voted yes.
  • The House passed a bill (HB 1557) which legalizes red light cameras under the guise of regulating them. Cameras would be limited to school zones, work zones and areas where serious traffic accidents are more common (that last one is an invitation to abuse). The bill would allow the non-assessment of points for these infractions and allow a maximum fine of $135 (much more than the $94.50 Arnold was charging). Missouri courts were on the way to eliminating these cameras. Reps. Jeff Roorda (D – 113th) and TJ McKenna (D – 114th) voted yes, while Wieland, Gannon, Harris, McCaherty, and Frame voted no. Notably, Roorda’s other employer, the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, voted to oppose red light cameras in 2009.

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