Campaign Ad with Some Flaws

19 Mar

The following ad was sent out by the Professional Firefighters of Tri-County PAC, in the name of Rock Community firefighters, in support of board candidate Nathan Smith, who is running against incumbent Pete Nicholas for a place on the Rock Fire District board. Below is the bottom part of the ad, with my annotations (click to enlarge):

Rock Fire flyer for Nathan Smith 2014

Rock Fire flyer for Nathan Smith 2014

And for my explanations:

  1. It says “you must request a ballot” from the election board to vote. No, you don’t have to do that. You can vote on election day, April 8. Unions must prefer to operate via absentee ballot.
  2. “Remember, if you check ‘illness or physical disability’ you don’t need to have your ballot notarized.” That sounds like a “wink, wink, check the illness box to make your vote easier.” Note also the extra application “for your convenience.”
  3. It says your absentee ballot application must be received by April 8. That is wrong. The 8th is election day. Your application must be in by the 2nd. This is noted correctly just above the tear-off application on the right side (in red text).

On a minor note, the flyer also has a big “Vote Yes” with a checked box on the top half of the flyer. But you are not voting yes or no, you are voting for Smith or Nicholas.

I suspect that perhaps this is a boilerplate flyer sent out for every election the firefighters care about, with minor personalization for each specific candidate/cause. They probably even use it for tax hike votes, hence the “Vote Yes” headline. But for them to give out false information is quite sloppy. It may even hurt them, if voters obey mistake #3 above.

On a related note, if you Google “Rock Fire” and click the link to go to the Rock Fire website, your browser will inform you that the site contains malware. But if you type in “” it seems to work OK.


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