Pevely “Industries” Respond

29 Mar

In my recap of the Pevely candidate forum, I mentioned allegations made by the incumbent aldermen about the role “the industries” are playing in this election. Steve Menendez of Progress for Pevely responded in the comments to that post. I’d like to post that response here as its own post, to ensure wider dissemination. Here it is:


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Steve Menendez, and I am the treasurer for a Political Action Committee (PAC) called Progress For Pevely (PFP). Progress For Pevely is a registered PAC with the Missouri Ethics Commission, and exists for the purpose of promoting economic growth in the City of Pevely.

We fully support the expansion of employment opportunities in Pevely, both in the form of attracting new businesses to Pevely and growth of existing businesses in Pevely.

As the Jefferson County Penknife, you are providing a valuable service to everyone who is interested in the political activities in Jefferson County. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I appreciate your efforts. I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to new posts.

Reading your blog post yesterday, March 27th, I was particularly troubled by some quoted statements towards the end of the “Pevely Incumbent Candidate Forum” article. In particular, the following passage was certainly explosive, as you described it.

“At the end of the night, the aldermen stated that this election has been nasty. Markus and Menkhus claimed that their opponents are backed by “the industries,” who want to roll back recent tax hikes, and who oppose the aforementioned highway projects and retail development. Menkhus said the challengers are “paid by industry to vote the way they want.” I thought these claims were quite explosive, and would like to have heard the challengers’ responses.”

If the 2 aldermen quoted above were referring to Progress For Pevely as “the industries”, the statements quoted above are completely false.

To clarify Progress For Pevely’s positions regarding the topics quoted above, and set the record straight, I offer the following:

1.) Progress For Pevely exists for the purpose of promoting economic growth in Pevely. We have never been opposed to any retail development or road improvement project.

2.) Progress For Pevely has never, will never, and would never even consider paying any candidate or official for a vote. Any such activity would be unethical and illegal. Doing so has never been an option.

3.) Progress For Pevely went out of our way to negotiate in good faith the terms of the current Merchants and Manufacturers License Tax structure. We agreed with the passage of this structure for the good of the entire City of Pevely. While we would certainly not object to a decrease in any tax rate, “roll backs” of tax rates are not among our goals.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to set the record straight with respect to Progress For Pevely, its views, and activities.


Steve Menendez – Treasurer, Progress For Pevely


3 Responses to “Pevely “Industries” Respond”

  1. Steve Menendez March 29, 2014 at 10:36 am #

    Thank you for posting my reply in full on your main page.


  2. Erin Kasten March 30, 2014 at 8:35 am #

    Dave Bewig said he was supported by Progress for Pevely. I have it on recording. Mr. Bewig does not support road improvements or any other things that I would list under “progress”. He is not someone who I would want representing my organization. When you support him, you support his positions. The three challengers had every opportunity to show up but stayed home out of what appears to be paranoia.



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