Arnold Tax Dollars Pay for Campaign Ad

2 Apr

The newsletter linked below was sent to Arnold residents late last week. It arrived in mailboxes less than 10 days before the April 8 municipal election:

City of Arnold Spring Newsletter 2014 Promotes Certain Candidates

The newsletter opens with a recap of 2013 penned by Mayor Ron Counts. This includes a glowing salute to councilwoman Nancy Crisler, who happens to be up for re-election. It tells of how she is working hard for the residents of Arnold, who are her number one concern. It is surely no coincidence that Crisler’s opponent is Doris Borgelt, who ran for mayor against Counts last year. He has no love for her, and I’m sure does not want to see her on the council dais at future council meetings. Hence, Crisler gets page one billing.

The mayor’s letter goes on to extol the city council, listing all the supposedly great programs the council passed under its new trend of putting council members’ names in the bill title. Now we see why they wanted to do this.

At the bottom of page 2, incumbents Paul Freese and Crisler (again) are praised for their efforts to get some sidewalks built.

On page three, Crisler AGAIN received plaudits, this time for working to renovate the animal shelter. Has anything been done on this project? According to the newsletter, no. They are merely going to talk about funding it soon. But that’s enough to merit a mention in the newsletter; after all, we have to get Nancy re-elected. (For some reason, her short-lived “great idea” of suspending red light camera tickets, but letting suckers continue to pay them, was not mentioned.)

Finally, the newsletter details the aforementioned named council projects, they of questionable wisdom. All of the sponsors get called out by name, except for one. That would be Michelle Hohmeier, who led the way on getting the Rhomberg Farm Community Garden set up (without city funding). Now, it is true that Hohmeier, who is stepping down from the council, chose not to vainly name the project after herself, but if the newsletter is devoting to praising council members, why not put her name in there? Perhaps the city didn’t want to inadvertently boost the name recognition of Michelle’s husband Bob, who is running for her seat.

There is a problem with this newsletter. On the bottom of political ads, the sponsor is supposed to be named. The pages of this newsletter should be footnoted with “This advertisement paid for by the taxpayers of Arnold.” I also hope the city has registered as a campaign committee and filed the proper reporting. If not, I may have to report the city to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The city of Arnold is no stranger to campaign interference. Last year, the city illegally kicked candidate Shaun Missey off the ballot, a move that resulted in a lawsuit and a settlement for Mr. Missey. The city also approved the Susie Boone settlement conveniently right before the last election. And this is not to mention the Randy Crisler-Bill Moritz drunken snipe sign antics of 2010. While the recent Arnold newsletter talks about Randy’s legacy, it fails to mention this aspect of it.

We’ll have to watch the city general warrants to see how much this campaign ad cost. This newsletter could have been mailed out a month ago or a month from now. This timing, combined with the content I have detailed above, cannot be coincidental. Arnold is once again meddling in the election process in order to preserve the regime.


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  1. Sandra H. Kownacki April 2, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    I agree with PenKnife. This is just another example to the “Council Good Ole Boys” trying to control another election and also a way to build a council of all “yes men”! Why doesn’t the mayor and his cronies just pass a resolution to make ALL council positions appointed? That could save the city money by not having to pay to support their own candidates. I find this council’s practices to be deceiving, dishonest and an attempt to destroy free speech!! I wonder what this little group has planned next!!! I sense that the entire Arnold council and their lawyers are getting richer on OUR tax dollars!!




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