Arnold Regime Sticks With Each Other – and With ATS

5 Apr

Outgoing Arnold councilwoman Michelle Hohmeier forced the issue of red light cameras (RLCs) at Thursday night’s council meeting. With the election coming up, she believed that the council should go on the record about what they want to do with the soon-to-expire contract with vendor American Traffic Solutions. Councilman Phil Amato, with city attorney Bob Sweeney helping out, once again raised the bogus specter of the city being liable if someone is hurt in a red light accident. Amato tried to shut down the vote itself, too, using procedural tactics. He must have known that the vote might have electoral consequences.

The vote proceeded, and Hohmeier and Ken Moss voted to end the contract, as did Mary Elizabeth Coleman (I salute her for that) and Jason Fulbright. Fulbright was apparently quite perturbed over the vote, but he’s running for state representative (as a Republican!), so he voted in a way that may not reflect his true feelings. Council members Crisler, Amato, Freese, and Cooley voted to keep the contract. This created a tie, and it was up to the mayor to break it. Ron Counts sided with the cameras. So perhaps Fulbright figured out that his vote was not going to kill the contract, thanks to the mayor’s tiebreaker.

So here is where we stand on red light cameras as the election nears:

Ward 1

  • Doris Borgelt – publicly opposed to RLCs
  • Nancy Crisler (incumbent) – voted to maintain the contract; also reportedly came up with the idea to stop prosecuting RLC tickets but keep issuing them and accepting payments from those who didn’t come to court to fight.

Ward 2

  • Bob Hohmeier – publicly opposed to RLCs
  • Brian McArthur – told the Leader basically that there is nothing to be done on the issue. Ignored my question about his stance on the contract. We can assume he is pro-camera.

Ward 3

  • Rodney Mullins – publicly opposed to RLCs
  • Paul Freese (I) – voted to maintain the contract

Ward 4

  • Ken Moss (I) – publicly opposed to RLCs, voted to end contract
  • Gary Plunk – told Leader there is nothing for council to do on issue. I’ve heard no public pronouncement on the contract; I will assume he supports it.

Help From Their Friends

The latest round of Missouri Ethics Commission campaign finance reports are out for Arnold candidates. Only those I have identified as pro-camera have filed reports, which are required if activity is over $1,000. Mayor Counts has been generous in helping out his fellow regime members (and not just with the city newsletter). His campaign committee gave over $600 to Crisler and Plunk, and over $300 to McArthur and Freese (I guess he wants Borgelt and Moss to lose less than he does Hohmeier and Mullins). He also hosted an event for these four candidates on March 4th. I was not invited to this event, and neither were the other four candidates, apparently.

Imagine if Counts’ nightmare comes true and 3-4 of his candidates lose. How much of his agenda does he expect to accomplish if the council is made up of candidates he actively fought to defeat?

In addition to Counts’ cash, Bob Sweeney’s mom and former councilman Bill Moritz gave to Crisler. Moritz also gave to McArthur. Councilman Fulbright is serving as deputy treasurer for all four of these candidates.



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  1. wrongonred April 5, 2014 at 9:15 am #

    So the sheriff’s department comes to serve Bill Moritz a summons and they are told he has moved to Saudi Arabia, but yet he donates to these campaigns and uses his Arnold address, which the Sheriff’s Department has been told he no longer resides at. Someone help me out here……does he live there or not? Was the Sheriff’s Department lied to or is he giving a false residence to the MEC? Both statements cannot be simultaneously true.


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