Bitterness in Pevely After Vote

10 Apr

In what I would characterize as a surprise, all three Pevely incumbent aldermen were defeated on Tuesday. Steve Markus lost to Dave Young by 18 votes, Russ Shackelford lost to Ed Walters by 51 votes, and Dave Bewig beat Don Menkhus by 45 votes.

Some harsh words were spoken in the aftermath. In the Leader, Menkhus said of the vote to reduce the mayoral term to 2 years that mayor John Knobloch is “a dictator.” He also said the change in aldermen “is going to take the city back at least 10 years” and that the electoral victors “don’t have a clue what’s going on in the city.”

On the other side of the slate, Walters told Pevely 20/20 proprietor Erin Kasten to “go to ____” on her page. Kasten’s husband did not take kindly to this.

If nothing else, things should continue to be interesting in Pevely.


One Response to “Bitterness in Pevely After Vote”

  1. Anonymous May 6, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

    Pevely 20/20 needs to be shutdown you do not cut down new aldermen you work with them. People wanted change pevely. Incumbents need to face it.Its not there sand box no more. They need stop playing dirty and clean up them signs for next April. See if they want you to represent them. I doubt it good luck losers.LOL


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