Progress for Pevely Contributes Big to Challengers

18 Apr

Update: I called the county clerk’s office, and was informed that all Pevely candidates filed campaign finance reports. Whether or not they were “limited activity” reports, I don’t know. One has to travel down to Hillsboro to look at the filings. I apologize for the incorrect information I posted previously.

Correction: It turns out that local candidates file their campaign finance reports with the county clerk and not necessarily with MEC (although they can). And since the proper people at the county clerk’s office are not in today, I cannot verify what the commenter to this post says about which candidates did or did not file. But thanks for the comment.

The issue of political action committee Progress for Pevely and its role in the recent municipal election came up during the campaign. The “8 Day Before Municipal Election” report the group filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission (MEC) spells out what financial help the group gave Ed Walters, David Young, and Dave Bewig in their successful races against the incumbent Pevely aldermen.

In terms of direct expenditures, the group didn’t do a whole lot. They bought an ad in the Leader and paid to print some materials, for a total of $300. But the contributions the group made to the candidates were noteworthy. Young, who defeated Steve Markus, got $2,129 from the group on March 1. Walters, who bested Russ Shackelford, and Bewig, who beat Don Menkhus, both received $1,789 on the same date.


3 Responses to “Progress for Pevely Contributes Big to Challengers”

  1. Anonymous April 18, 2014 at 12:05 pm #

    Please get your story straight and delete your false information or better yet say your sorry to the one’s your BASHING. All candidate’s filed with the exception of Russ Shackelford Ward 2– And Don Menkhus Ward 3.Call Wes Wagner @636-797-5486 I always thought you were up to date on your– INFO — Well maybe not ?


    • JC Penknife April 18, 2014 at 12:52 pm #

      I thought all finance reports were on the MEC site, but that is not necessarily so for local races. Thanks for your comment.



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