Arnold Regime Scratches Fulbright’s Back

21 Apr

Everything the regime running Arnold does is rooted in politics, for the furtherance of the regime. Many times, the political motivation of these moves is obvious. Put council members’ names on bills? Blatant. Credit Nancy Crisler for the ridiculous red light camera “compromise?” Transparent. Send out a city newsletter a week before the election? Come on.

The regime made another such move Thursday night in electing Jason Fulbright as mayor pro-tem in a unanimous vote. Fulbright is running for the GOP nomination for state representative in District 113 and for the Arnold seat on the county GOP Central Committee (Fulbright’s Republican bona fides are highly in doubt; I will explore this in a future post). So his buddies want to help him out with that, and they think electing him to this almost entirely ceremonial post will help. This is after Fulbright lent a hand to the just-elected council members by serving as all of their deputy treasurers. Mayor pro-tem and campaign deputy treasurer, incidentally, are similar in the fact that neither really require much work and both are basically titles, lines on resumes. But if they can fool voters into thinking Fulbright deserves a seat in the legislature, then they will be useful.


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