Roorda Goes Wobbly on Tax Cut

25 Apr

The ink had barely dried on the tax cut bill that the Missouri Legislature passed last week before Rep. Jeff Roorda (D – 113th), the only House Democrat to vote for it, started having second thoughts:

Roorda provided the only Democratic vote in favor of the bill when it passed the House. He said today he had not decided how he would vote on an override.

Asked if he believed Nixon’s new argument, Roorda said: “I don’t know what to believe yet. I’m listening to both sides. It’s not a perfect bill…but it does do something for working class folks who’ve been waiting a long time for tax relief.”

The governor argues that a misworded section eliminates the income tax for earners over $9,000. Will this be the hook Roorda uses to justify a potential flip-flop? He has flip-flopped before, changing his vote on gun and tax bills last year.

The vote is a sensitive one for Roorda because he is running for the state Senate in a swing district against a fellow House member, Rep. Paul Wieland, R-Imperial.

Indeed it is. In his newsletter this week, Roorda called a GOP House bill that would introduce limited early voting in Missouri “squirrely voting.” He seems to personally know a thing or two about that.


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