More on Pevely Campaign Finance

4 May

I wrote previously about the money that Progress for Pevely contributed to the board of aldermen challenger candidates in the recent municipal election. I have since had the opportunity to review the relevant paperwork, which is only available in Hillsboro, and I wanted to report back in order to close the loop.

The three challengers (David Young, Dave Bewig, and Ed Walters) and incumbent Steve Markus filed reports. Don Menkhus and Russ Shackelford thus must not have had enough monetary activity to warrant a report. Minus one or two small contributions or loans, all of the challengers’ money came from Progress for Pevely.

While the three challengers raised a lot of money, it was in fact Markus who brought in the most money, a total of $4,333. His opponent, Dave Young, was a distant second with $2,129. Here is the main page from Markus’ final report of the election cycle:

Markus campaign finance report PevelyAll of this money (at least that raised in 2014) came from various St. Louis-area unions. As you can see, though, he only spent about as much as the challengers. He had a lot of arrows in the quiver on Election Day, so to speak. Could some of this money have helped Markus win the 19 votes he would have needed to win re-election? Hard to say.

As you can also see, Markus has a lot of money left over, more than $5,000. Could this be used for a run for mayor next year? Current mayor John Knobloch seemed to think Markus wanted the job, from which Knobloch claims he will be stepping down. We shall see.

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