You’re on the Wrong Board

6 May

A noncontroversial cell phone tower plan came before the JeffCo Planning and Zoning Commission on April 24, according to the Leader. While other recent towers have run into opposition, this one did not because it is next to a quarry and a sewer detention pond. It isn’t exactly going to ruin the neighborhood.

Despite this, the proposal received two ‘no’ votes. The first was from Mike Price, who said AT&T didn’t need it. This argument has been made against other towers, and it makes me scratch my head. Why would a company pay the money to erect a tower, pay rent to the landowner, and get government approval if it didn’t need the tower? And how do these neighbors and board members know better than the cell provider?

The second ‘no’ vote came from Paul Kopp, but for a very different reason:

Kopp said he was philosophically opposed to the continued expansion of the nation’s cell phone network.

Oh, really?

“We’re going to end up with one of these towers every mile,” he said. “I’d prefer that we move toward a satellite phone system, like they have in China. They launched a satellite, and they don’t have to build all these towers,” he said.

I don’t really know about this, and I haven’t been to China, unlike Kopp. But a few minutes of searching suggests that satellite is not the primary way most Chinese get their phone service. But that’s neither here nor there. The thing is, the Jefferson County P & Z board is not the place from which to launch an effort to transform the nation’s mobile phone system. I think Congress would be the place for that.


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