Pevely Improves Teamsters Deal

24 May

Way back in the early days of this blog, I wrote about what I termed the “bailout” of the Teamsters Camp by the city of Pevely. The union wanted to open its camp, which is outside of Pevely and features a pool, golf course, walking trails, and some other recreational facilities, to Pevely residents. The details of the contract were very favorable to the Teamsters, though, and not the city.

But now the new board of aldermen has won adjustments to some of the contract language, according to the Dear Leader. First, there is no longer a minimum number of families that the city is required to recruit. This means the city will not be on the hook to pay if the number of participating families drops below the minimum, which was 150. The city hadn’t had to pay this penalty yet.

The new language also gets rid of installment payments for membership fees. These payments were added to water bills. According to alderman Dave Young, some people got their membership cards but then stopped paying their fees. The Teamsters were supposed to get a bar code reader to stop such scofflaws by scanning their cards, but did not do so. If these people closed their water accounts (by leaving town, presumably), the city would be stuck with the bill, said city clerk Stephanie Haas. Now, residents have to pay their yearly fee ($325) up front.

While these changes shouldn’t be necessary, because the provisions in question should not have been agreed to in the first place, it is good to see them being made.

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