Party Rift at Parade

5 Jul

A large number of GOP candidates for local offices gathered in De Soto yesterday for the holiday parade. I am told that the county Republican committee had a float in the parade, festooned with campaign signs from many of the party’s candidates (along with a large elephant).

JeffCo GOP July 4th parade float De Soto

JeffCo GOP July 4th parade float De Soto

However, not all GOP candidates were allowed to post their signs on this float. Mark Paul, who is challenging incumbent county executive Ken Waller, was turned away. Maybe it is understandable, but not justifiable, to reject his sign if he is taking on the titular head of the county party. But county clerk candidate Jeremy Day was also denied. He has no GOP opponent, and the incumbent is Democrat Wes Wagner. Is the county GOP endorsing Wagner?

Similar shenanigans occurred in 2012, when a print ad placed by the county GOP committee left out three candidates, two of whom were active in the local Tea Party. And also in 2012, in a move that caused the central committee and several individuals (including George and Janet Engelbach) to be fined by the Missouri Ethics Commission, the committee laundered money through a front political action committee in order to send mailers supporting establishment candidates (such as the Engelbachs) against liberty-minded opponents for seats on the committee. And lets not forget the 2012 county caucus debacle.

So the committee, which really shouldn’t be taking sides in primaries, is actively fighting to keep the party in establishment hands. But several liberty-minded individuals have been elected to the central committee, and a number of such candidates are running this year. They are:

  • Mark (incumbent) and Michelle Paul in Imperial Township
  • Rick and Terry Blowers in Joachim Township
  • Jeremy Day in Rock Township
  • Jim Muellersman (incumbent) in Riverview Township
  • Jared Poyner in Valle Township
  • Dave and Shelley Day in Windsor Township

Let me know if I missed anyone. If you are interested in some change in the county GOP, consider voting for any of these candidates that are in your township at the August 5 primary. Preview your ballot here.

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