Let’s Not Forget Shockey Nepotism

7 Jul

About two days after I first reported on the hire of Arnold Police Chief Robert Shockey’s son-in-law as a cop (back in 2011), the Dianne Critchlow scandal broke. The news of the defamatory online posts that came from her house sucked all the air out of the room, media-wise. Only KMOV had time to run a story on the issue, although I know other outlets were looking into it. This allowed the story to fade from the headlines, at least for the time being.

And the city administration and council took advantage of this. The issue has not come up at all at council meetings, as far as I can tell. The council is displaying its own brand of unity – no dissent from the administration line, no alternate viewpoints.

The following individuals particularly need to answer some questions:

– Mayor Ron Counts is supposedly the final approver of new hires. Did he know the chief’s son-in-law was being hired? Was he concerned about this?

– Councilman Paul Freese was on the council when this hire occurred. Did he know about the relationship? Did he raise any objection?

– Councilman Jason Fulbright is running for the GOP nomination for state representative and GOP committeeman. Any good Republican supports good government and opposes cronyism like that we normally see in liberal-dominated big cities. But he seems to have voiced no concern over Shockey’s business dealings or relative-hiring. Do these activities not bother him? What kind of Nixon administration shenanigans will he overlook if he joins the Legislature?

– Councilwoman Mary Elizabeth Coleman is heading up a committee to review city “employee and financial policies” formed in the wake of the Shockey business scandal. Will she be reviewing hiring and supervision policies? The police nepotism issue should be of concern to her and be reviewed by her committee.

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