Fulbright: Really Republican?

23 Jul

The news that Arnold city councilman Jason Fulbright would be running for the GOP nomination for state representative in the 113th district (Arnold-Imperial area), and also for GOP committeeman for Arnold Township, caused a lot of people to say “Hubba-whaa?! He’s a Republican?” Let’s look at the evidence and see if Fulbright is a true believer or merely a RINO (Republican in name only).

Evidence For

  • He “likes” a lot of Republicans on Facebook. Of course, this could be just campaign-season posturing. I recall checking his online accounts awhile back, and he at the time liked Mitt Romney and Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on FB and/or Twitter.
  • He was a sponsor at the 2013 Jeffco Lincoln-Reagan day (scroll way to the bottom for his name).
  • He seems to have a friendship/alliance of sorts with Rep. John McCaherty (R-97th).
  • He says he is Christian, pro-life, and pro-2nd amendment. (I take his word on this, and these are good things, but every elected JeffCo Democrat can say the same thing.)

Evidence Against

  • He is firmly ensconced in the Arnold regime, where Phil Amato, no friend of the GOP, appears to be his closest pal. As a regime member, he has remained silent on the two reported cases of unethical behavior by police chief Bob Shockey. He also served as a deputy treasurer for every regime candidate (MacArthur, Crisler, Plunk, and Freese) in the April election – hardly a lineup that warms GOP hearts.  Upon joining the council, he voted to pay Protective and Investigative Services for the worthless investigation it did of the Boone-Moss incident. Furthermore, Fulbright’s tenure on the council was launched when city attorney Bob Sweeney illegally kicked his opponent off the ballot, leaving Fulbright unopposed. If he condones Arnold malfeasance, what kind of Nixon administration antics will he give a pass to if he’s in the Legislature? I consider cronyism like this to be a Democratic trait. Sure, Republicans do it sometimes, but look at every big city in this country – run by liberals and corrupt.
  • His legislative focus has been on spending programs. He supports “free trash.” He sponsored a bill to buy unnecessary metal detectors for city hall. He co-sponsored another program to give grants to subdivisions for beautification (isn’t that what HOA fees are for?) Another grant he supported was for businesses to tear down buildings on their lots (the businesses should pay for that). He did vote in favor of ending the red light camera contract right before the April election, but it seemed to pain him to do so.
  • The highlight of his term in office is when he and Amato arranged a stunt to invite a bunch of union types to city hall to watch them introduce and pass an anti-right to work resolution. This despite the fact that there were only a couple of weeks left in the legislative session and such a bill was clearly not going to pass. This charade appeared to pay off, however (literally); Fulbright’s biggest monetary donor on his second quarter MEC filing was the Laborers International Union Local 110 Political Fund, with a $1,000 contribution (will all this union support continue past the primary election?)

Amato, JeffCo Labor Club President Bart Velasco, and Fulbright stand united for unions.

  • Let’s look at that campaign finance report some more, because you can judge a person by who donates to them. Prominent names on the report are as follows:
    • Committee of Brian MacArthur, Arnold council member – $200 (he personally gave $60, too)
    • Int’l Union of Operating Engineers Local 513 – $250
    • Deb Amato, wife of Phil Amato – $500 (is he trying to maintain plausible deniability or something?)
    • Vern Sullivan, Fox school board member – $100 (he is apparently content to let Dianne Critchlow walk away from her internet scandal scot-free.)
    • Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Arnold city council member – $200 (she’s a big supporter of Democrat Mike Evans for county council)
    • Gaye Counts, wife of Arnold Mayor Counts – $100 (Mr. Counts gave a $3,000 in-kind contribution; I don’t know what that was).
    • Dan Kroupa (and wife), Fox school board member and Arnold treasurer – $200 (ditto on the Mike Evans and Dianne Critchlow points from above.)
    • Glaziers, Architectural Metal & Glassworkers Local Union 513 – $100
  • He skipped out on the July 17 Tea Party debate, where he would have faced his primary opponent, Dan Shaul. This suggests he has no interest in that segment of the party. [Update: There was a city council meeting that night. See comments below]

So there is the evidence. Feel free to contribute what evidence you may have in the comments. On August 5, you (GOP voters in the 113th district and/or Arnold Township) can be the judge.


4 Responses to “Fulbright: Really Republican?”

  1. Bob Hohmeier July 23, 2014 at 12:47 pm #

    When you go to the dictionary to look up the definition of RINO (Republican In Name Only) his picture is there! Jason has not seen a big government or big spending bill Arnold has presented that he didn’t like or give his “yes” vote to. As well as individual pet projects by several council members, even lending his name to a couple! He can’t wait to get his hands on more of our money to spend in ways he feels will bring him even more fame and fortune. He is not a friend to limited government or lower taxes.


  2. hoseltron5000 July 23, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    The reason why he was not at the Tea Party debate was because he was at the Arnold council meeting doing what he was elected to do instead of politicking. I know because I was there.


    • Doris Borgelt July 23, 2014 at 4:15 pm #

      I was there too and the meeting was done quite early, in fact, others who were at the meeting went to the debates. Guess Jason just wasn’t that motivated.



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