Evans-Huey Matchup

3 Aug

The race for the Democratic nomination for County Council District 3 features two men who have run for multiple offices. I wrote here about Charles Huey’s perennial candidacies (four of them, under different party banners). Mike Evans ran for Arnold city council in 2012, losing to Paul Freese with 46% of the vote. He also ran for the US Congress in 2004 after Dick Gephardt retired, coming in 8th in a 10-candidate Democratic primary as a 26-year-old. Both men declared for Missouri House District 113 in 2012, but were chased out of the race by eventual winner Jeff Roorda. So we had to wait two years to see them face off.

In January, Huey alleged that Evans tried to entice him to leave the race by offering an appointment to some Selective Service committee. Evans denied this. Incidentally, Evans received a $30 donation from a Selective Service director from San Antonio in January.

Huey has unleashed some negative attacks during this campaign. This was part of his response to the Leader questionnaire:

huey attack evans

Given the chance to respond, this is what Evans said:

huey evans response

It is true that Evans took his tax account off the county’s website, where most residents’ information is available to view. At the time of removal, the tax was unpaid for 2011-12 (but paid for 2013 as I recall). I can’t speak to what happened after that. There is some question over whether bankruptcy wipes out personal property tax bills.

Evans is tight with Arnold Mayor Ron Counts. He supported his mayoral re-election bid, and participated in some stunts directed at Counts’ challenger, the aforementioned Doris Borgelt. Counts appointed Evans in August 2013 to head the new Arnold Veterans Commission. Three Arnold council members (Freese, Coleman, and Crisler) and the city treasurer, Dan Kroupa, hosted a fundraiser for him in May. Counts, several council members, and even city attorney Bob Sweeney donated to his campaign.

Evans also had a short, stormy couple of months as head of the Arnold Historical Society in early 2013. Borgelt makes an appearance in this saga, too.

Huey has developed a partnership of sorts with Linda Van De Riet, the former JeffCo GOP Central Committee member and Pachyderm Club president known for her online vitriol, who has a dislike for Bob Boyer.

An interesting dilemma surrounds this year’s Democratic primary. Mike Evans has been endorsed by JeffCo Laborers’ Local 110, but so has House district 113 GOP candidate Jason Fulbright (also an Arnold councilman). So will union members pull a GOP ballot or a Democrat ballot? Also, many in the Arnold regime despise incumbent district 3 county councilman Bob Boyer, who has a primary challenger, Phil Hendrickson. Former Arnold councilman Bill Moritz has vowed to pull a GOP ballot to vote for Hendrickson. Arnold regime members may also want to get a GOP ballot to vote for Fulbright. So it is possible that much of Evans’ base might be voting on the GOP side on election day. This could be of great benefit to Huey. However, not all Arnoldians live in the 113th House district or 3rd council district.

Who will win this epic duel? We will find out in two days!


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  1. John Doe August 5, 2014 at 11:52 am #

    I think we already know who’s going to win this one


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