Election Recap

6 Aug

Let me review briefly some of the stories of Tuesday’s election.

  • The Clean-Up Crew, an association of candidates organized by local activist David Day that campaigned actively over the summer, went 1 for 5 in contested races, with Mike Reuter winning the nomination for circuit clerk, while Mark Paul lost the county executive race, Jason Jarvis and Charles Groeteke lost House races and Dan McCarthy came in third of five candidates for county council district 7. The Crew will have four candidates in November: Reuter, Jeremy Day for county clerk, Jim Muellersman for council district 5, and Debbie Dunnegan (incumbent) for county recorder.
  • Groeteke, who lost his bid for re-election to the county council in 2012 by 4 votes (out of 2,469 cast) to George Engelbach in the primary, lost his bid for the GOP nomination for House district 112 by 8 votes (also out of 2,523 cast) to Rob Vescovo. Avery Fortenberry, who dropped out of the race (too late to get his name off the ballot) and endorsed Vescovo, got 213 votes, and 220 voters skipped over this race on their ballots.
  • Jefferson County voted as the state as a whole did on four of the five Constitutional amendments. The only exception was Amendment 1, Right to Farm. It lost in the county 55-45, but won statewide by about 2,500 votes.
  • Bob Boyer (GOP incumbent) will face Mike Evans (Democrat) in the race for council district 3. The Arnold regime loves the latter and can’t stand the former, so watch for them to try to influence the race somehow. I will speculate on some methods in a future post. 1,464 votes were cast on the Dem side in this race (excluding undervotes), and 1,755 were cast on the GOP side.
  • In the establishment vs. liberty battle in the Republican party, the races for central committee seats was roughly a wash. Carol Soppeland (Rock Twsp) picked up a liberty seat, but Gerald Bollinger (Riverview Twsp) was an establishment pickup. You might call Michelle Paul in Imperial Twsp a pickup as well. Correct me if I missed some names here; other races I considered a wash.
  • It is now time for the Paul Wieland (9,681 votes received in the primary) vs. Jeff Roorda (8,478 votes) Senate District 22 battle, which will be closely watched, to begin in earnest.
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