Good For Any Situation – Fox Credit Cards Part II

14 Aug

Post-Dispatch reporter Leah Thorsen summarizes what she found on disgraced Fox superintendent Dianne Critchlow’s credit card statements:

Credit card statements show Critchlow spent at least $3,700 at restaurants from June 20, 2013, to June 6 of this year. Other spending included charges at gas stations, the Jeffco Auto Pride Car Wash and Wal-Mart.

Charges include many small-dollar purchases at fast-food places, such as $9.01 at a Taco Bell and $11.74 at a Dairy Queen. It also includes bigger purchases, such a $189.81 charge at St. Louis Sports Zone on March 10, one day before she began leave through the Family and Medical Leave Act.

She used 10.5 days of leave from March 11 through April 9 intermittently, sometimes working from home.

She went on FMLA leave again May 28 and was put on paid administrative leave June 4.

She used her district card on May 29, June 5 and June 6. Those purchases included $21.52 at the Sunny Street Cafe in Arnold and $74.79 at a Shell Oil.

What was that Sports Zone purchase? A going-away party or something? So you see, Critchlow didn’t let the fact that she was on medical leave prevent her from living it up on your tax dollars. And if you don’t like it, screw you, is what she would have said had you objected. She gave an unbelievably audacious, arrogant statement to the media about the upcoming audit (which has been confirmed by State Auditor Tom Schweich) She said:

“Had [Brazeal] extended that professional courtesy, I would have been happy to explain each and every charge for which the district already has receipts and written explanations to include annual, independent audits,” she said in the statement issued through the office of her attorney, Chet Pleban. “Instead, he was apparently intent upon hurting me rather than obtaining answers or locating documents.”

She said she looks forward to the audit. I look forward to seeing how she justifies her purchases, especially those she made while on medical leave. I think her bluster is just a(nother) attempt to intimidate the board and other administrators that she seems to be prepared to drop a dime on. If she falls, they’re going down with her. As for her statement, perhaps she did submit documents and invent bogus justifications that nobody noticed or objected to. As for the audits, I am confident that “making sure all credit card purchases were legitimate” was not part of the financial audit process (no mention of it in the 2012 audit), so that’s just a smokescreen. But Critchlow telling a bald-faced lie is not a new occurrence.


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