JeffCo School Numbers Part II

11 Sep

I commented previously on the performance of local schools in the recent release of school Annual Performance Report (APR) rankings by the state, pointing out that Festus was once again tops in the county, while Fox fell to 4th. Let’s take a look at some data:

Here are the percentage of students that passed each of the subject assessments in each JeffCo district. For example, 66.2% of Festus test-takers passed the reading test. Numbers in red are the best in each subject in the county, green numbers are second best.

2014 JeffCo MAP Table

2014 JeffCo MAP Table

Fox did pretty well on the tests, relatively, but its ranking still dropped. Looking at the state’s APR data table, Fox’s scores went down in the reading and math categories. Test scores are averaged over a three-year period to calculate these scores; Fox’s passing percentages dropped in reading, math, and science (its science APR score did not fall, however). Fox also dropped in college and career readiness, specifically for percentage of graduates that are in college, the military, or career training within 6 months of graduation. Fox’s scores went up in social studies, attendance, and a measure related to results and participation in ACT-type tests.

Festus’ test scores also went down in the first three subjects above, but their APR scores on those subjects did not fall. Festus had big increases in percent passing from 2012 to 2013, while Fox’s scores have been fairly flat over the past three years.

Windsor, which passed Fox in the APR standings, saw increased scores in social studies, ACT testing and a measure related to advanced placement/dual credit. Grandview went up in reading, social studies, attendance, and ACT testing.

The calculation of these scores is rather involved, and there are many factors that are included. You can read about them here. This is a good, data-based opportunity to see how your district is doing. Use it to hold your administrators accountable.

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