Pro-Choice Candidate in JeffCo?

22 Sep

An update on Robert Butler’s abortion stance has been added.

Right to work has been a traditionally Republican issue that JeffCo GOP legislative candidates have been unwilling to embrace politically. On the Democrat side, local candidates have been unwilling (with a few exceptions) to embrace their party’s traditional stances on guns and abortion. Evidence of this abortion stance is found in the fact that only one JeffCo Democratic representative out of four (Michael Frame, 111th District) voted against the bill (and the override of Governor Nixon’s veto) that expanded Missouri’s abortion waiting period from 24 hours to 72 hours (the override was successful and the bill became law).

One candidate appears to be challenging this paradigm. Sean Fauss is the Democrat’s candidate for House district 113. While he does not mention his abortion position on his website (not all that surprisingly), he has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri. He is the only JeffCo legislative candidate to receive this endorsement. He also supported Frame’s vote on the waiting period:

fauss 72 hour

NARAL backed up its endorsement of Fauss with a donation:

fauss naral

That last donation, from JoePAC, provides another bullet point. This organization (which “supports authentic Democrats who are willing to stand up and vote “YEA” on progressive legislation”) endorses Fauss, which means that he passed “The JoePAC Test.” One of the questions on the test is “Will you oppose legislation that places any additional restrictions on a woman’s reproductive rights?” Another JeffCo candidate that passed the test is Robert Butler, Democrat running for House district 112. He doesn’t mention abortion on his website, either. He has received $11,001 from JoePAC, but has no apparent NARAL support. [Update: Butler did declare himself pro-life in the Leader’s primary election guide.]

So can an open pro-choice candidate win in JeffCo? You might say that Frame has already done so. He got a NARAL endorsement in 2006, and a 32% rating an “anti-life” rating from Missouri Right to Life this year, but Fauss seems to be a bit more open about his position. A glance at Frame’s campaign finance reports shows no NARAL donations this year – this may be part of NARAL’s tactic of “endors[ing] strategically.” Perhaps Frame asked NARAL to keep their distance  – a logical move.

As for Fauss, we will find out in six weeks.


2 Responses to “Pro-Choice Candidate in JeffCo?”

  1. Dave Plemmons September 23, 2014 at 10:38 pm #

    Thank you for the post — good information for the Jeff Co voters. However, please let your readers note that Missouri Right to Life PAC does not rate with percentages. Michael Frame is rated “AL”, which means “Anti-Life” in our ratings key, in our election publications in print and on the web. If Project Vote Smart reflects our ratings, it is THEIR interpretations of the numbers. MRL PAC proudly endorses Shane Roden, Rob Vescovo, and Dan Shaul in the races mentioned.

    Thank you, Dave Plemmons, MRL PAC Chairman


    • JC Penknife September 27, 2014 at 1:17 pm #

      Thank you for your comment.


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