So That’s What the Logging Tongs Were For

22 Sep

After the credit card expenditures of disgraced Fox C-6 superintendent Dianne Critchlow (and others) were revealed, she was forced to return a number of items that were purchased on school cards but found their way to her palatial home. These items included cameras, iPads, softball bats, cell phones, and…logging tongs? I’m sure many wondered what they were for; I sure did. Well, now we may know the answer. From the Missouri Secretary of State’s business registry:

Notice that this request was signed by the Critchlows on April 22, 2014, or about five weeks before the Critchlow online comments scandal exploded. It was filed eight days after a judge issued an order for AT&T and Charter to disclose subscriber information in the John Doe lawsuit filed by three Fox critics. This court order ultimately revealed who was behind the defamatory online posts. At this time, Dianne was planning to retire in November 2015 (before it was moved up a year). Was she laying the groundwork for a Critchlow post-retirement venture, using her district credit card to provide startup funds? A psychiatrist could perhaps have a high time analyzing the selection of the business name “Cash Landings” by the Critchlows.

I bet that the “education consulting services” this business provides will be just outstanding. And if anyone is looking for a contractor to do some tree removal, I have one firm I would NOT recommend.

P.S. I would like to note that, while the Topix website gets a lot of guff because it allows people to make anonymous comments of any sort with no repercussions (while, almost none, right Dianne?), it is useful in a situation like this. A lot of people associated with the district know bits and pieces about various allegations of misconduct against the Critchlows and other senior administrators, but are afraid to voice them publicly, for fear of retribution. Yes, despite the changes and moderate house-cleaning that have occurred, people are still afraid to talk. Several people have come to me privately with information and expressed this fear. Topix, which is where the tip that led to this blog post came from, allows more and more news of Fox administrator malfeasance to be uncovered because people can post what they know and allow others like me and Fox C-6 Watchdogs to do some digging. It’s like crowdsourcing for scandal. It was also Topix that people first used to challenge the goings-on at the district. This inspired the desperate, arrogant, malicious use of the forum by Fox administrators to fight back against dissent, which led to the toppling of the entire house of cards, and will hopefully lead the Critchlows to jail cells and other administrators to unemployment. So keep the tips coming, Fox residents and employees.

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