I Don’t Endorse the Leader

2 Nov

Our county newspaper is out with its endorsements for Tuesday’s election. As one might expect, the paper endorsed a bunch of Democrats, along with a few Republicans who are likely going to win anyway. There are many races that lead to fairly obvious endorsements. But the Leader does a lame job of explaining its choices in the up-in-the-air races. Let’s go through some of them.

County Executive

The paper touts the experience of Democrat challenger Sam Rauls, but the fact is the county has a whole new system of government from back when Rauls was presiding commissioner. And the paper loves to tout Rauls’ “break-some-eggs” style through which he “bloodied a few noses along the way.” Of course, if a local Republican led like that the paper would probably call him a bully and ask why he can’t get along. How is Rauls’ style likely to go over with a GOP-majority council (especially when he proposes big government type of initiatives, as he did in the past)? I don’t see them taking too kindly to it, and then what will Rauls do?

Senate District 22

The Leader really doesn’t cover the legislature much at all, and it does not appear that they follow it, either. They repeat this mantra that Paul Wieland (GOP candidate for this seat) never bucks his party. But they don’t seem to realize that Wieland opposes right-to-work. Wieland was endorsed by the Missouri AFL-CIO in his 2012 race.

The paper also says “Jeff Roorda [the Democrat candidate] is a thinking representative who considers bills on their merits and the impact they will have on his constituents.” Snort. Roorda has a record of no-shows and flip-flops that reeks of opportunism. See this excerpt from a recent letter to the editor:

roorda missed votes

He also missed a tax cut vote this past session. Is that leadership?

Circuit Clerk

The Leader says of the retiring incumbent’s hand-picked heir apparent, Democrat Jeanette McKee that “She is the top official in the office under retiring Circuit Clerk Howard Wagner. She earned that position by years of diligent work that led to promotions that eventually raised her to the top job in the office.” Recent accusations suggest there isn’t a whole lot of meritocracy going on in the clerk’s office. Will the Leader mention this lawsuit?

County Recorder

The paper points to experience in so many of its endorsements, then throws that out the window by endorsing Democrat challenger Mike Bone simply because of incumbent Debbie Dunnegan’s ill-conceived Facebook post. The Leader even admits that “none of this has anything to do with being recorder of deeds.” We should vote for Bone because “he knows how the courthouse operates.” This despite the fact that the recorder’s office isn’t even in the courthouse (it’s at the administration building); this assists Bone in his campaign to obfuscate the differences between the job he has now and the one he is running for.

Council District 5

The Leader states that Democratic candidate Jim Kasten is “clearly the better candidate” and that GOP opponent Jim Muellersman “cannot match [his] depth of experience.” The paper has apparently reduced this race to a resume-measuring contest. We are told that just because Kasten has spent years on various boards, he is the obvious choice. But since experience has a qualitative aspect as well as a quantitative one, you could argue that Muellersman’s experience as a city council member in Festus is more applicable that Kasten’s time as city administrator, school board member, or Port Authority member. But the yardstick decides in this race.


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  1. SHK November 3, 2014 at 4:05 pm #

    It appears that JC Penknife is a Republican! It’s quite obvious !! Too bad, II thought JC Penknife was neutral. I guess not.


    • JC Penknife November 3, 2014 at 6:56 pm #

      I have made no attempts to hide my leanings. However, posts such as this one can be appreciated by readers from across the spectrum.


  2. SHK November 3, 2014 at 4:06 pm #




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