GOP Wave in JeffCo

5 Nov

Republican candidates won in a big way in the election yesterday. The party won:

  • Four county offices (two new, two re-elected)
  • Six state House seats (out of 7)
  • The state senate seat
  • Three county council seats (out of 4)
  • All three contested judgeships
  • Re-election in all three congressional districts that include parts of the county

In addition to the re-election of county executive Ken Waller and recorder Debbie Dunnegan, Richard Carter III won as county auditor and Mike Reuter claimed the circuit clerk office (setting up the potentially awkward role of having his election opponent be his chief deputy). County councilmen Don Bickowski and Bob Boyer won new terms, and Jim Terry will join the council in place of the retiring Kelly Waymon. The only Democratic candidates who won contested races were county clerk Wes Wagner, District 5 councilman-elect Jim Kasten, and collector Beth Mahn. With Kasten’s win, Democrats actually increase their council representation from one to two of the seven seats, as Kasten takes over for the retiring Terri Kreitler. Mahn was facing her first opponent in her 28 years in office, according to KJFF radio. But they also state she won’t run for the seat next time:

Despite the big GOP night, Mahn pulled in 55.5% of the vote. Wagner, on the other hand, got precisely 50.01% in his race. He got 4 more than half of the votes cast in that race. In House races, two Democratic incumbents, TJ McKenna from the 114th and Michael Frame from the 111th, were defeated. Republicans Dan Shaul and Rob Vescovo claimed open seats, and John McCaherty (97th) and Elaine Gannon (115th) were re-elected. Ben Harris was the lone Democrat to win a House race, as he was re-elected in the 118th. His district is split between Jefferson and Washington counties, and here’s how the vote turned out by county:

Jefferson –       Harris 3,238, McGirl 2,603 (Harris +635, 55.4% of the vote)

Washington –  McGirl 1,540, Harris 1,313   (Harris -227, 46.0% of the vote)

Harris was listed by the Missouri Times as one of its winners of 2014 today:

Reps. Ben Harris and Linda Black – It won’t take renting a hall to have a meeting of the rural democratic caucus Ben and Linda can just have a seat on a park bench they are the only ones left. Maybe they will have a bit larger role going forward in teaching other democrats how to survive in the Obama era.

After this was written, however, Black switched parties, so now Harris is alone.

In the marquee race on the ballot, Republican Paul Wieland defeated Jeff Roorda in the expensive race for the open seat in state senate district 22 by a 54%-46% vote, much to the delight of this blogger and Twitter in general:

And this:

In all, the GOP in Jefferson County has gone from being a footnote prior to 2010 to a majority position. There are currently six Democrats in county office (sheriff, treasurer, assessor, collector, clerk, prosecutor) compared to five Republicans (executive, recorder, auditor, administrator, circuit clerk), but the GOP dominates the council and the legislative delegation. The days of Democrats running numerous uncontested races might have ended yesterday.


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