Pat Martin Calls Us All Racists

16 Nov

We knew Leader editorial page editor Pat Martin – longtime Democrat supporter and peddler of weakly-supported endorsements – would not be happy with the results of last week’s election. But did he have to resort to this?

Pat Martin column from 11/13/14 Leader.

Pat Martin column from 11/13/14 Leader.

So let’s break this down. I guess the national GOP is racist for “guiding their candidates” to oppose the President’s agenda (although I doubt the party bigwigs were that concerned with Dan Shaul, Shane Roden, etc. in Jefferson County, Missouri). And I guess it would follow that the local GOP candidates are also racist for pursuing this strategy. I reckon that would also make you and I racist for voting for these candidates. That’s a pretty broad brush that Martin paints us with. And it makes as much sense as, well, most of his political columns. He drops that bomb without any elaboration, failing to even consider that it is Obama’s policies, actions, and statements that make him unpopular.

But as I said, he must have been much displeased with the results of the election:

Hat tip to Ken Horton

Hat tip to Ken Horton


2 Responses to “Pat Martin Calls Us All Racists”

  1. George Thompson November 19, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

    Yep it’s all the rascally Republicans’ fault that the very people Jonny Gruber thinks stupid are the only ones he had to fool to pass the unaffordable care tax, since only that party was involved in that debate. The R-R’s may have had a seat at the table and allowed to make a point or two but were told not to worry about a thing, just lay back and enjoy it. We’re racists because they bought the hope and change elixir and all that fundamental transformation of America and all its traditions and histories kool-aid. Well their lord and master just made all political parties obsolete using his pen and phone to crown himself the imperial royal emperor. I don’t dislike their overseer because of the color of his skin. I dislike him for the content of his steeped in communism character. It’s time for all Americans no matter their race, religion, color or creed to insist as sternly as possible that the rule of Constitutional law with EQUAL and BLIND Justice for all legal citizens be restored, else OUR government of the people, by the people, for the people will soon perish from the earth.



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