Court Clerk Attack, Part II

4 Jan

When launching an attack, newspapers will often use the one-two punch of an article followed by an editorial condemning the person or activity reported on in the article. The Leader has followed this playbook, by first printing an article about a judge’s proposed court stunt, followed by a Pat Martin editorial on incoming circuit court clerk Mike Reuter.

Martin, who contributed information to the original article, makes it clear that he is in close communication with Howard Wagner, outgoing circuit court clerk, stating that Wagner claims Reuter hasn’t contacted him. Martin also whines that Reuter didn’t interview with the editorial board during the campaign, which would have been a waste of time, given that we knew all along that Democrat candidate Jeanette McKee was going to get the Leader endorsement.

It would be nice if this episode suggested the Leader is planning to exercise more oversight over county government, but I suspect this type of scrutiny will only be selective.


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