JeffCo Legislators Get to Work

10 Jan

As the new legislative session gets underway in Jefferson City, here is a list of bills sponsored or co-sponsored by our local representatives. Note also that some legislators send out regular email reports of what they are up to. You can sign up for these reports at the web page of each legislator (find your Representative here and your Senator here). Rep. Rob Vescovo, GOP, 112th district

  • Cosponsor of HB 207 – Would ban the use of automated traffic enforcement systems (aka red light and speed cameras).
  • Cosponsor of HB 215Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by any state department or agency unless the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly.

Rep. Shane Roden, GOP, 111th

  • Sponsor of HB 310 – Motorcyclists over the age of 18 would not have to wear helmets.
  • Sponsor of HCR 6 – Urges Congress to approve Keystone pipeline (a liberal take on this bill here).

Rep. John McCaherty, GOP, 97th

  • Sponsor and cosponsor of lots of bills (see them here), the most noteworthy of which I think is HB 137, which eliminates the incentive for those bidding on license office contracts to include a “return money to the state” provision. Several operators of local license offices (including prominent local Republican Derrick Good and the Arnold Jaycees) have lost their contracts to non-local operators who promised to give up to 10% of their fees back to the state. The Jaycees later got theirs back.
  • Also, HB 110 creates tax credits for port facilities, like the one being developed here in our county.

Rep. Elaine Gannon, GOP, 115th

  • Sponsor of two bills related to high school diplomas/equivalencies.

Sen. Gary Romine, GOP, 3rd

  • Sponsor of lots of bills (see them here), including Senate versions of Rep. Gannon’s two bills.
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