Search for Truth over Clerk’s Office

19 Jan

I wrote previously about the Leader’s attack on new circuit clerk Mike Reuter, which included an article about a cockamamie scheme to usurp his power, followed by an indignation-filled editorial. The title of the editorial was “Courts lead search for truth; circuit clerk should do the same.”

This title is ironic, given the letter that Reuter’s lawyer, Stan Schnaare, wrote to the Leader in the January 15 edition (interestingly, Schnaare ran unsuccessfully against new presiding judge Robert Wilkins, who is part of this story, in 2012). He lists a number of attempts that the Reuter camp made to reach out to the Wagner camp, all of which were rebuffed:

  • A phone call from Reuter’s lawyer to outgoing clerk Howard Wagner’s lawyer was not returned.
  • Only one clerk’s office employee appeared at a meet-and-greet Reuter held.
  • A letter Reuter delivered to Wagner was unanswered, except by Wagner’s lawyer saying Reuter could meet with the staff once he takes office.
  • Reuter met with Wilkins and chief clerk’s office deputy (and election loser) Jeanette McKee (this apparently occurred after Martin wrote his column). He was not allowed to see his new office, however.

Pat Martin must not have heard about any of these attempts. His pal Wagner told him that Reuter hadn’t “called or visited,” which I guess is technically true, though it would appear to be a lie by omission. Rather than Reuter not being interested in having discussions, it appears that he was being stonewalled by Wagner.

Thus, in the search for truth, it is the Leader that seems to have come up short. But at least they printed Schnaare’s letter.

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