Need for Remediation Among JeffCo High School Grads

13 Feb

The Post-Dispatch ran a story Sunday revealing that over 1/3 of Missouri high school graduates that attend in-state public colleges are deemed unprepared, and thus required to enroll in remedial courses to get caught up. This is quite the indictment of Missouri schools. This calculation excludes kids that go on to private or out-of-state colleges, which would suggest that the best students are removed, but it also excludes graduates who don’t go to college at all, which means the lowest-performing students are also not part of the formula.

Here was an interesting and locally relevant part of the story:

Among 2013 high school graduates

Among 2013 high school graduates

As you see, Windsor is the second-best high school in the area at preparing its students for college (I think this is a fair interpretation of this data). Let’s take a look at all of our county high schools (data here):

2013 stats from Missouri Dept. of Higher Ed, via the Post-Dispatch

2013 stats from Missouri Dept. of Higher Ed, via the Post-Dispatch (sorted by last column)

I find the Windsor data to be quite striking. A full 80% of the class of 2013 went to college, and only 8% went to public, in-state colleges. Again, I presume that it is generally your better students that choose the private and/or out-of-state route. Festus High, which is in the district that gets the county’s best APR scores (Windsor was 3rd last year), had the 2nd-highest percent attending college, but only the 5th-best percent needing remediation (though 3-5 were pretty close). Northwest and De Soto had the lowest percentages attending college, while Crystal City and Grandview had the highest percentages needing remediation. The latter were nowhere near the regional top ten in that regard, though; the tenth-worst school in the region is at 78% needing remediation.

Countywide, exactly 2/3 of JeffCo public high school graduates from 2013 headed to college. The countywide percentage of students in Missouri public colleges who needed remediation was 36%, which is equal to the statewide average.

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