MO House Votes – RTW and Voter ID

19 Feb

Last week the Missouri House passed a “right to work” (RTW) bill by a 91-64 vote. The bill prevents labor unions from charging any fees to non-union members. Rob Vescovo (GOP, 112th district) was the only Jefferson County representative to vote for it. Twenty-three Republican legislators voted against it, including five from JeffCo. Republicans from this county have traditionally been friendly to unions; now that Vescovo is on record for RTW it will be interesting to see how this affects his re-election campaign (assuming he chooses to run again). If he succeeds, it could open the door for other local Republicans to support RTW and similar bills.

Another RTW bill, focused specifically on the construction industry and sponsored by a Democrat from St. Louis County, passed a preliminary voice vote. We will see if any JeffCo Republicans bite on this bill when and if it comes up for a final vote.

The 91 votes is not enough to override a veto from the governor, and the state Senate probably won’t pass it, so this is likely as far as RTW will get this session.

Today, the House passed a bill that would put voter ID on the statewide ballot (along with a companion bill to implement it). All JeffCo Republicans voted yes, while our lone Democrat, Ben Harris (118th), voted no. Overall, the bills passed on party lines with veto-proof majorities. But again, it is not clear if the Senate will pass these bills.

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