Fox Board Candidate Surveys – Mark Jones

6 Mar

This is the second of my series of Fox C-6 school board candidate survey responses, this time for Mark Jones (Facebook page here).

Profession: Senior Consultant, Intervolve, Inc., a software company that serves the beer industry and now also the energy industry.

Connection to district: I graduated from Fox High School in 1985, one son graduated from Fox in 2013 and another in the 4th grade at George Guffey Elementary.

What is your reaction to the scandals that have rocked the Fox district over the past year? 

They have been outrageous. The past board members, prior to the last year or two, were not doing their jobs or some of this would have been exposed sooner. I’m grateful that we had citizens concerned enough to stir the pot, in the midst of ridicule, criticism and bullying, so that these inexcusable acts could come to light.

How would you rate the performance of the Fox School Board over the past 5 years? Over the past year?

In many respects, failing. Recent surveys of parents, students and state statistics don’t even place us in the top 100 school districts in Missouri. This has to change. In spite of the scandals, we do have many great people in the district who now no longer have their hands tied by poor management. I am extremely hopeful for our future

What does the leadership of the Fox district have to do to regain the public’s trust?

Be transparent in its activities, have more two-way discussions with the public and prove that it is being more responsible with the tax payers’ money.

What changes will you push for if elected?

We need a top to bottom review of employment contracts to ensure that job requirements are stipulated in those contracts so that we prevent any further “settlements” that have the district paying employees to leave the district, even when they didn’t meet the requirements for the job, but because those requirements were not a part of the contracts. I want more interaction between the board, leadership and employees in each building. Trust has to be rebuilt internally as well as with the public. I want to open communication between the district and our state representatives and senators, so they can help us address those things that have to be done at the state level. I want to put the true best interest of our students ahead of our looking good on paper. We have to promote those students on to the next grade that are truly ready to move ahead, not simply pass a problem on to the next teacher to deal with.


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