Fox Board Candidate Surveys – Chris Hastings

9 Mar

This is the third of my series of Fox C-6 school board candidate survey responses, this time for Chris Hastings (Facebook page here).

Profession: Project Director, ICS Construction Services

Connection to district:

I’m married with two children. My wife is a Seckman graduate. I’m not connected, employed, or have any relationships with any current board members or staff.

What is your reaction to the scandals that have rocked the Fox district over the past year?

It is very unfortunate. It’s tough for a community to sit and watch their district be burdened with this shame. Board members need to work to hold the administration accountable for their actions. If this is done, the culture between the community and central office will change.

How would you rate the performance of the Fox School Board over the past 5 years? Over the past year?

The current board has taken over issues that have been built up for ten plus years. I think every new member of the board over the last 2-3 years has realized what they were stepping up to the plate to achieve for our district, and that is to create a culture that is more transparent to the community, which in turn, brings back the trust of the board. Over the last year, believe it or not, the board has made many leaps and bounds compared to the previous years.

What does the leadership of the Fox district have to do to regain the public’s trust?

The board needs to address issues with an approach that reflects community input and judiciousness, all while being transparent and safeguarding our children’s education.

What changes will you push for if elected?

Student achievement and transparency. My primary goal as a BOE member is to serve the children and teachers. I want to work with the teachers to see how we can add value to our kid’s educations in our district. Transparency needs to be on the forefront. The issues we have had over the last few years are due to transparency. I want to work with the teachers and bring their opinions, thoughts, and issues to the forefront of the school board. I want to make certain a BOE member is involved in the community. The voice of the community is a huge part in our district’s success.

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