Fox C-6 Board Endorsements

5 Apr

Tuesday is the day Fox C-6 residents will choose two new school board members. I am endorsing Mark Jones in this race. As this profile from 2013 demonstrates, Jones was aware of and concerned about the problems at Fox before the Critchlow scandals blew up. He advocated changes then that the current board only put in after a massive public uproar. I am confident he will do the right thing while on the board. He is also very communicative on Facebook and in other forums; he will likely continue this pattern once elected, unlike certain incumbent board members that choose not to communicate with residents.

My endorsement for the other open seat is Robin Hanson. I like that she is an outsider to the district, but is also knowledgeable about education. She recognizes the need for transparency and active, hands-on oversight by the board.

Here are my concerns about the other candidates:

  • Dave Palmer – 12 years of aiding and abetting of/willful blindness towards the Critchlow regime
  • Chris Hastings – endorsements from NEA and other unions
  • Sherry Poppen –  close ties to Fox as a recent former employee, parent of employees, and brother of a past superintendent; also has expressed openness to easing the recently-toughened nepotism policy and raising taxes
  • Drew Kriese – has social media connections with Baker, Scott, and Crutchley. It is unclear to me what the full extent of these relationships is.

Other Endorsements

Arnold City Council: Doris Borgelt and Bob Lindsley

Pevely Mayor: Stephanie Haas

Hillsboro School Board: Dennis Bradley

Byrnes Mill Mayor: Devon Ising


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  1. Anonymous April 7, 2015 at 9:08 am #

    I don’t understand how you can endorse Miss Hass did you read the audit? She is responsible for over $40,000 uncollected water bills when she was over the water dept. As city clerk there was many violations she caused uncollected taxe’s 11 out of 21 closed door meetings not recorded proper. There is a long list of things if people would just read them.


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