Chaos at Hillsboro R3

11 Sep

Update: One would assume that Harrison and McCarthy, at least, were less open to the idea of allowing Lila into the girls facilities. Interpret that as you will, if you believe the controversy played a role in their resignation.

I haven’t written anything about the Lila transgender locker room controversy at the Hillsboro school district because I figure everything that can be said about it has been, especially since it received national attention. Also, this is one of those issues that some don’t want to touch with a 10-foot pole, because having the “wrong” opinion can have severe consequences. But I want to discuss the recent developments.

Three members of the Hillsboro school board resigned in the past few days. None of the members say the Lila episode was the reason for resigning, but one has to think it played a role. John Stewart, Bo Harrison, and Dan McCarthy were the three who resigned. I have applauded Harrison and McCarthy in the past because they fought against a change in the district’s nepotism policy, This policy change was spearheaded by Hillsboro superintendent Aaron Cornman, whose wife was then hired by the district. Steward voted for the change and the hire.

So, while Cornman says he spoke to each resigning board member and asked them to stay, says KPLR 11, I imagine he is not sad to see Harrison and McCarthy go.

Harrison had also just been banned from campus for five years (aside from board functions) over supposed threats, but I find this quite sketchy, especially since the vote to ban him was not on the meeting’s agenda.

Lila Letters

Here’s a letter Cornman sent to district parents a few days ago. It outlines the new “gender inclusive” bathrooms that have been established, presumably for Lila to use. But I don’t think this will make her happy, since this whole entire maelstrom started because she wanted to use the regular old girls bathroom and locker room.

Here’s a letter sent to the school board from the Alliance Defending Freedom, which states that “Schools Are Not Legally Required to Allow Students to Use Opposite Sex Restrooms, Showers, and Changing Rooms.”

Waller to Appoint New Board Members?

Since there are more than two vacancies on the board, it is apparently up to county executive Ken Waller to appoint their replacements, although the rules have not been updated to reflect that we have a charter form of government now. I wonder if Derrick Good, Hillsboro lawyer and parent who is a stalwart establishment Republican and who led the opposition to Lila’s presence in the girls locker room at the August 27 board meeting (and on the Dana Show), is a potential appointee. I hope that Waller does not take any input from Cornman on who to appoint, though, because he would probably prefer yes men like Paul Maynard, who he ghost wrote a letter for, leading to Maynard’s withdrawal from the race for re-election when it was discovered by the Leader. Here’s Waller on KMOX discussing the next steps (Sept. 10 show).

National News

Here are some links to national-level articles about this event.

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  1. Anonymous September 11, 2015 at 12:44 pm #

    Correction: You referred to Lila as a her. Wearing a wig and girls clothes does not change your gender. He was born a male and still is. Use the male bathroom or home school. Problem solved, no special accomodations for mental illness. Seek psychiatric help.


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