More Bad Moves from Pevely Mayor

29 Oct

In June, I wrote about new Pevely mayor Steph Haas and how I thought she was making ill-advised moves. In suing the city* for wrongful termination and trying to impeach an alderman, she came across as vindictive and self-serving. I thought these were perhaps rookie mistakes. But with some other recent decisions, she now definitely appears to be vindictive and self-serving.

The first move, according to the October 29 Leader, is to attempt to limit residents’ comments at public meetings to items that are on the current agenda or were on the last agenda (a move that it is not clear to me she has the power to make unilaterally). She says “we need to keep the city on task.” This restriction cuts off an important method for residents to bring issues to the attention of their city government. People can raise issues about street plowing, water problems, wasteful spending, etc. Sure, you say that residents can just call or email their aldermen, but as we saw with the Fox school board, there is no guarantee those emails will be read or those calls returned. By raising issues publicly at the meeting, it goes on the record, and elected officials cannot deny they know the issues exist.

Remember last year, when the board moved to restrict public comment to the end of the meeting (after all votes had been taken)? Residents went to Elliot Davis to complain. Will those residents, many who are Haas supporters, speak up this time around? Not as of yet, apparently. Haas already removed the ability to comment at board workshops.

Haas’ other move was to attempt to have park board member Dan Hall removed due to alleged inappropriate behavior towards an alderman. Russ Shackelford offered such a motion at the October 19 meeting, but no other alderman seconded the motion. This fact, in addition to alderman Don Menkhus’s remarks against the restrictions on public comment, suggest Haas is walking out on a limb all by herself on these issues. Menkhus is normally Haas’ ally.

It is time for Haas to stop with the power plays and get on with cleaning up the mess that Pevely government still finds itself in.

* Note on Haas’ suit against the city: after originally representing herself, Haas recently hired an attorney, Jeremy Hollingshead of St. Louis.


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  1. Anonymous October 30, 2015 at 11:28 am #

    Hass needs a check-up From the Neck-up. They want to go to a 3 rd. class city so Mayor & Board can kick out Alderman like Bewig who wont ride on there TRASH_TRUCK with them. And who they don’t want on the board. With out going out and have to IMPEACH them. Vote NO ON 3RD. CLASS when the time comes PEVELY.


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