Byrnes Mill Court Revenue 2014-2015

27 Jan

Byrnes Mill has submitted its financial report for the 2014-2015 fiscal year to the state auditor, as required by law. The city’s fiscal year ended on June 30, 2015, which was two months before Senate Bill 5 took effect. This law caps revenue a city can earn from minor traffic violations to 20% of total revenue (12.5% in St. Louis County).

For some reason, Byrnes Mill reported its total court fine revenue, not just its revenue from minor traffic tickets (see page 30 of the report linked above). One assumes, though, that minor traffic tickets make up a substantial portion of the total amount, which was just over $292,000, amounting to 24% of total city revenue. If Byrnes Mill wants to comply with SB 5, it will need to reduce this number in the current fiscal year, which is now about half over. Alternatively, it can separate out revenue from minor traffic tickets and state that amount, and we can see if it exceeds the 20% cap. But using these numbers, Byrnes Mill would be more than $50,000 over the new cap. If this is the case a year from now, the city would have to send that money to local schools.

Furthermore, cities are required to submit certification of compliance with several municipal court procedures. Byrnes Mill has yet to file this certification (it was due by 12-31-15). Byrnes Mill was one of 115 cities that did not file this certification.


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  1. Amy Vernaci January 28, 2016 at 6:00 am #

    That is an interesting article. Byrnes Mill has a new cruiser on order which was seen in county council meetings. Also I received a letter regarding delinquent sewer bill which states and I quote” When you sewer bill becomes delinquent, you are charged compounded interest. Keep in mind the City of Byrnes Mill has an entire sewer system to maintain and can no longer tolerate past due bills such as yours. I am sure they will find ways to keep their overage and do like they always have-exactly what they want to do..


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