Pevely Moves to Boot Bewig from Ballot

30 Jan

On December 7, the Pevely board of alderman impeached one of its own, Dave Bewig, for a variety of offenses. At the time, there was nothing preventing an impeached official from running for office again. So, one week later, the board passed a long revision of its impeachment ordinance (old version here) that included a provision that an elected officeholder that is impeached will never be eligible to hold, regain, or serve in elected office in Pevely.

However, Bewig went ahead and filed to run for the board of alderman for ward 2 in the April election. Three days ago, the city filed a lawsuit in the 23rd circuit court to have Bewig removed from the ballot (the case is City of Pevely vs. Wes Wagner, et al).

It seems that Bewig’s hopes center on the idea that he was impeached before the ordinance was passed, so it does not apply to him. However, they did pass the ordinance before the election filing period began, so I am thinking Pevely will win this, but we will see.

If Bewig is removed from the ballot, there will still be plenty of candidates. Incumbent Ed Walters, Linda Hahn, and Dan Hall are all registered to run for the ward 2 seat.

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